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Facility Conditions


Please be sure to check back or refresh this page often as facility conditions change. Please call (937) 666-2011 ext. 373 if you have any questions.

Last Updated at 4:47 AM Mar 05, 2021

7.5 Mile Test Track

  Speed Restrictions None
  East Side Outside Black Top Open
  0 Lane Black Top Straights Open
  0 Lane Black Top Curves Open
  1st Lane Straights Open
  1st Lane Curves Open
  2nd Lane Straights Open
  2nd Lane Curves Open
  3rd Lane Straights Open
  3rd Lane Curves Open

Vehicle Dynamics Area (VDA)

Basalt and Jennite require temps 35* and pre schedule. Windrow of dirt running north and south in the middle of the east side winding course March 4.
  Basalt Open
  Calibration Pads Open
  Center Radius Open
  Eastside Closed for Maintenance
  Jennite Open
  Large Oval Open
  Noise Pad Area Open
  North Loop Open
  South Loop Open
  Water Pool Open
  Westside Open
  Winding Course - East Side Closed for Maintenance
  Winding Course - West Side Open
  Pole Barn Open
  Center Area Open
  Radius by Polebarn Open
  Keyless Entry Course Open
  Far West Edge Near Grass Open
  Oval and Profile Roads Open

Vehicle Dynamics Area Two (VDA2)

  Vehicle Dynamics Area Two Open

Skid Pad

  Lane 1 Bumps Open
  Lane 2 Open
  Lane 3 Open
  Lane 4 Open
  Lane 5 Open
  Lane 6 Open
  Wind Generators Open
  Lane 7 Bumps Open
  North Loop Open
  South Loop Open
  Bus & Truck Durability (BTD) / Cobblestone Open

Noise Vibration & Harshness (NVH)

  Noise Vibration & Harshness (NVH) Open

Winding Road Course (WRC)

Requires 35* and pre schedule.
  Winding Road Course (WRC) Open
  WRC Sprinkler Section Closed for Weather

Dynamic Handling Course (DHC)

  Dynamic Handling Course (DHC) Open


  High Speed Intersection Open
  South Leg Open
  Urban Network Open

Brake Testing Courses

Brake soak has been drained for the season on 12/1
  12% Slope Open
  15% Slope Open
  20% Slope Open
  30% Slope Open
  Brake Soak Closed for Weather

Mud Pit

Parking Area has been cleared for parking modes
  #1 Open
  #2 Open
  #3 Open

Paved & Gravel Hilly Road Courses

  10% Slope Open
  23% Slope Open
  LEVEL Open
  Gravel Loop Light Snow Cover and Ice

Gravel Road Courses

  Gravel Road Course #1 Open
  Gravel Road Course #2 Open
  Gravel Road Course #3 Open

Paved Rough Road Courses

Damper system -winterized 11/27
  Paved Rough Road #1 (PRR) Open
  Paved Rough Road #2 (PRR) Open

Off-Road Courses

  Off-Road Durability Open
  Washboard Open
  Rock Courses Open
  Sand Pit Closed for Weather
  Off-Road Mobility Open

Corrosion Courses

REMINDER: per maintenance- please inform users to ONLY push "ON" button 1 time to start system
  Salt Bath Open
  Chip Road Open
  Splash Road Closed for Weather

ATV Courses

  ATV On Property Courses Open
  ATV Off Property Dynamics Course Open
  ATV On Property MX Course Open
  ATV Off Property Woods Course Open

Building 80

  Hot Chamber Open
  Cold Chamber Open


Requires pre schedule/temp 35* to operate.
  Course on VDA Closed for Weather
  Course by Corrosion Facilities Open